Candid Classic Krapfen

Februar 21, 2014

all images © Kathreinerle Photography

Do you know Krapfen? We use to eat those soft yeast balls filled with red Hagebuttenmark at Fasching, dressed up in funny costumes with confetti in the hair. 

(if you did not decide yet what costume to wear, I find this snail with a trail of slime, this grandma, this christmas tree and erics head very pretty)

350g flour 
180ml milk
20g fresh yeast 
30g sugar
3 egg yolks
40g butter
a pinch of salt (or two)
Fat for Frying
powdered sugar

Put the flour in a big bowl and make a little intention. Warm the milk. Mix about 5 tablespoons of the milk with the yeast and a pinch of the sugar and fill it in the hollow. Let it rise for 10 minutes. 

Add the egg yolks, butter, salt, the rest of the milk and sugar and kneed everything with your hands until you get a smooth, shiny and elastic dough. Form a ball, cover with a towel and let it sit at a warm place until it doubles in size. That takes about 1 hour. 

Kneed the dough again with your hands and then roll it out (about 4 cm thick). Cut out small circles (about 8 cm large) and let them rise again for 20 minutes at a warm place.

Carefully put them in the hot grease (170°C are perfect) and turn them after 2-4 minutes. Both sides should be golden brown. You are the perfect Krapfen Baker when your Krapfen has a yellow ring around the middle. 

Put them on a cooling rack, fill them with Hagebuttenmark (with the help of a filling tip) and sprinkle powdered sugar on top. 

Jomon Cookplay

Februar 04, 2014

all images © Kathreinerle Photography

Some time ago I flew to Bilbao to shoot pictures of the outstanding porcelain serie Jomon.Created by talented Designer Ana Roquero and famous Basque chef Aitor Elizegi, those pieces are as simple as clever. The bowls may sit in the reliefs of the plates, arranged in numerous possibilities, or just be held in your hand, as if they have never been anywhere before. 
JOMON Cookplay, designed by Ana Roquero

Alles zu seiner Zeit

Dezember 20, 2013

all images © Kathreinerle Photography

Ich durfte die wunderbare Aufgabe übernehmen für das Greenpeace Magazin den Erntekalender zu gestalten.

"Alles zu seiner Zeit" zeigt jeden Monat welches Obst und Gemüse in Deutschland wann frisch vom Feld kommt, welches aus dem Gewächshaus und welches weiter regional verfügbar ist.

"Ein Universum aus Junibeeren, fliegende Schmetterlingsknollen und grüne Kohlbäumchen dürfen ab nun unsere Küchenwände schmücken und uns inspirierend durch die kommenden Monate begleiten."

Welches sind eure liebsten Früchtchen ?

5 der Kalender werden hier an euch verlost, gezogen wird am 24ten Dezember unter allen Kommentaren.

Das Los hat entscheiden: Sonja (thewhitestcakealive), Stefanie Rehberg, Froilein Jule, Christelle (christelleisflabbergasting) und Kaja bekommen bald ein Päckchen geschickt!
Bitte schickt mir eure vollständige Anschrift an

Und wer kein Glück hatte kann den Kalender bei Greenpeace ganz einfach bestellen.

You can win 5 of the Greenpeace Calendars, just tell me which your favorite fruit is. 

The lot chose : Sonja (thewhitestcakealive), Stefanie Rehberg, Froilein Jule, Christelle (christelleisflabbergasting) and Kaja will receive a package soon.
Please send your full address to

And if you were not lucky,  you can also order it here.